Medical Billing for The Dental Office

Comprehensive Full-Service Medical Billing Services which includes Fully Integrated Revenue Cycle Management Software

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Billing Intelligence Service by Vivos is now available to all dental practices in the United States.

Software + Services

Software and services for Vivos Integrated Practices. Software and services that let you focus on delivering the highest standard of care, we’ll focus on the rest.

Now you have an entire team dedicated to medical billing.

With features like unlimited verification of benefits, unlimited pre-authorization and a flat rate of a hundred bucks per case, the other billing companies are really not going to be happy.

Ya, it's all that and a bag a chips!

We take care of everything. Comprehensive medical billing services for oral appliance therapy, sleep apnea, TMJ and DME.

Comprehensive means everything.

Dedicated Account Manager

Unlimited Pre-Authorizations

Unlimited Verification of Benefits

Billing for Exams + Diagnostics

Billing for Single Date of Service

Customized Weekly Reporting

Billing Services for All Medically Necessary Treatments in the Dental Office

Integrated Patient Experience and Revenue Cycle Management Software powered by the Vivos Billing Intelligence Service

Deliver the highest standard of care and a brilliant patient experience

Software that creates the perfect patient experience while securely storing protected health information and reducing the complexity of succesful medical billing

Software that makes life so much easier

HIPPAA Compliant PHI

Complete Patient Records

Billing + Insurance Functions

Complete Claims Management

Patient Encounters + Electronic Forms

Standard Patient Letters

Scheduling + Calendar

Payment Management Ledger

Accounts Receivable Management

Analytics + Reporting

Integrated Telemedicine

Patient SMS Messaging

Your staff is going to love this

Software can be frustrating. Aire O2 was designed and built by dental staff for dental staff. Now all the complex work flows smooth from start to finish.