Medicare Applications for Dentists

Vivos Billing Intelligence Service now offers a comprehensive program to help you become qualified to offer Medicare services in your dental practice.

Medicare Application Service

The process with completing Medicare Part B and DME applications can be lengthy and frustrating.

Experienced Medicare Enrollment Team

Vivos Billing Intelligence Service has developed a proprietary process for organizing and submitting the required documentation to obtain approval from Medicare. We have helped hundreds of dentists through the process. We are experienced in dealing directly with Medicare.

Let our experienced team be your voice in dealing with the Medicare processes and processors from start to finish.

A proven process.

After submitting all the required documentation your complete application, our team will follow and track your application, from start to finish, to ensure that it will be approved quickly and efficiently.

You can expect to have an approval back within 60-90 days when using this service.

We handle the hard stuff to get your application approved.

Our Proprietary Process is Proven



Our system will guide step-by-step to gather the required documentation you will need to complete your Medicare application.

Application Forms

We will complete all necessary forms on your behalf and submit to Medicare part B, DME or both.

Application Fees

We will advise you on what fees are associated with the application through Medicare


We will advocate on your behalf with Medicare representatives to ensure that your application is processed quickly and efficiently without a denial.


We will guide you on credentialing requirements and registration processes to bill your claims electronically after the process is completed.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to reduced working hours mandated by the COVID-19 pandemic response, application processing may take longer than usual.

Select the perfect plan for your practice

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Part B Participating


DME Non-Participating


DME Participating


Bundle and Save

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