Welcome to Medical Billing in a Dental Office!
Why Medical Billing?
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Step 1: VOB's
Step 2: Pre-Authorizations
Step 3: Treatment Planning!
Did you know??
Step 4: Billing Medical Insurance
Step 5: Claims! FOLLOW UP
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Hi! Im Trina Oliver! VP of Billling

•Managed medical billing operations for Vivos Therapeutics as Vice President

•Specialized in nuclear medicine technology and radiology in hospital settings

•Increased revenue by 25% through effective medical billing and consulting for substance abuse and mental health facilities, including partial hospitalization

•Skilled in labs and phlebotomy procedures

•Developed and executed Medicare enrollment and billing processes for a variety of healthcare providers

•Expertise in TMD and craniofacial sleep medicine billing

•Specialized in medical billing for dental offices, including complex insurance claims

•Implemented new systems for medical insurance audits, resulting in a 50% reduction in claim denials

•Passionate about improving patient care and maximizing healthcare providers’ revenue through efficient medical billing practices

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