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I am so relieved to have the BIS team assist me with medical billing. The onboarding process was seamless, and they made sure we had everything needed to be successful. BIS saved our office from what could've been a collections nightmare. Within a month of signing up for the service we started receiving payments on claims that were outstanding for well over 90 days. The best part about having BIS handle our medical billing is that it takes away the time and stress of dealing with insurance companies and gives us time to focus on training and getting other task done in the office.

Henry- Royal Oaks Dental

The BIS has been great to work with from the start. It is wonderful to have a team of people working to help make medical billing smooth and efficient, especially in an office like ours where we just keep getting busier and busier! It truly helps to have a support system. They are great at answering any questions I have, and I have learned a lot working with them! With medical coding and billing always changing, the BIS is wonderful to have and help us keep on top of the changes. I would recommend the BIS to any office starting in Medical Billing. 😊

Elese G. - Office Manager- Respira

We have been using BIS about three years. I cannot imagine how I would do my job without them.

We have many OSA patients who require claims filed for visits and appliances. BIS has saved so much time for me with insurance verifications, pre-authorizations and filing claims. If we didn’t have BIS, we would have to hire another person because it is so time consuming – especially with the amount of time that is spent on the phone with insurance companies. They have also taught me a lot about medical billing. I know when they submit a claim it is coded correctly and has the proper supporting documentation.

BIS makes my job so much easier – I highly recommend them!

Diane P., Office Manager- Advanced Dentistry